About the Artist
Gail Savage has  been painting and drawing all her life.  Her schooling in art began early, when her kindergarten teacher arranged for a scholarship to a private art school.  Gail continued to study art throughout her school years, and credits her skills to early training in anatomy and portraiture taught by the late Jean Baker Gross and her associates, who all took Gail under their patient and talented wings.
Since then she has been self-taught, learning by close observation of the birds and animals she loves.

Gail has been painting professionally now for 30 years, specializing in birds and nature art.   Her home and studio are located on an undisturbed 24 acre woodland in the heart of the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania, where inspiration is always just outside the windows.  She is married to Martin Savage and is the mother of three daughters, Kate, Annie, and Megan, and Nana to one special little boy, Aidan.

Her art has been sold throughout the United States and Canada, England, Germany,and Belgium.

What Gail says about her art:

I am an artist who spends a lot of time in the woods. I poke, I turn things over, I collect. Most of all I observe.  Art is more about really seeing than anything else.  I need to see how the toes on birds bend, how their beaks move, how feathers lie in patterns.  Our only close neighbors here on the mountain are birds and animals, and I am lucky to be able to live among them as quietly as I can, observing them in every season.  Nature is a healing force; there is comfort in knowing that nesting season will come every spring, babies will fledge, learn from their parents, and in the right time, continue the cycle.  Life goes on in the woods, busy, quiet, and mostly unnoticed.

There is no hidden meaning in my art.  I love my subjects and all I ask is that you see what I see...wonder at the intricacies of nature...and be charmed by the gentle residents of
Savage Woods.