A Virtual Open Studio for Spring, 2012
I'm trying something new this spring; instead of having a real Open Studio for only my local friends this is available to everyone.  Please email me if you are interested in one of these are I have only what is shown here; you can pay with Paypal (so you can use a credit card) or send me a personal check.  Local pickup is available or I will gladly ship.  (shipping charges are extra but I never add handling fees).  If you are looking for a gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day or just a birthday gift for a friend, these pieces are specially priced from now until the end of June.  Thanks for taking the time to visit my online studio!
Bald Eagle
Full-sized Turkey Tail Feather
Framed in a solid wood frame with feather accents
Beautiful, quiet colors in this painting, regularly priced at $95, special pricing $85
Timber Wolf
Kestrel on full sized feather, nicely framed, regular price $95, special pricing for spring $85
An Eastern Bluebird with a Pennsylvania barn background.  Full sized, framed, and specially priced at $75.00
Beautiful Common Loon
Full-sized double tail feather, painted quill and feather accents, framed in an  solid wood frame, regular price $95, special price $85
Baby Chickadee on a small feather, framed in a beautiful 5x7 frame.  $26.00
Small feathers, carefully painted and framed in 5x7 frames with accent feathers.  Left, baby house wren, right, baby Carolina wren, each $24.00
Small golfinch feather, in 5x7 bronze-tone frame.  $24.00
Some handpainted boxes, just right for filling with candy, tickets, art supplies, etc.  Slide lid boxes painted on all sides to look just like birdhouses, (6.5"x8.75") $26.00 each

The tulip box is a book box with a hidden "drawer"; it is very carefully handpainted on all sides.  (6.5"x8.5") $26.
Lifesavors Boxes, lovingly hand lettered to remind us that it is the small things in life that make us happy.  The top is a hand colored print of one of my original paintings.  About 2.5"x 3" and comes with a gift card.  $15. each
A couple of sweet, beautifully made baskets topped with hand colored prints of my original art work.  4"x4", $12. each